Goa and my first accomodation

This state is a supprisingly clean, tourist oriented place, offering countless nature and water (except during monsoon) activities. I managed to visit the most exciting places in Goa — Panaji, Ponda, Old Goa, Tropical Spice Farm.

My very first day was rather scary. I needed to find my hotel Dmellos (obviously recommended by Lonely Planet) So far so good. I didn’t realise though, that getting there would be quite a challenge, like walking through the scary pitch dark forest. I was getting anxious but once i reached the place i forgot all about it – the place was fantastic! I strongly recommend it to all future Goa tourists. (check out their web- site – needs to be fixed a bit i guess)

The Grounded Princess

I saw it for the first time while walking along the beach – the river princess. My first thought was that there was an accident recently; but no. The ship has simply been grounded on the Candolim beach (Candolim-Sinquerim coast) for 8 years now. Moving this big monster (240 meters (787 foots)) would cost a fortune, roughly US$ 1,400,000.

The Goa-based salvage expert Anil Madgavkar, partner of Madgavkar Salvage, says the task of removing the ship is like “uprooting a sunken four-storied building.” Over the years, the ship has settled nearly 8 to 10 meters (26.2 – 32.8 feet) into the seabed, taking in between 30,000 and 40,000 metric tons of sand.

Tropical Spice Farm

I truly enjoyed the Tropical Spice Farm in Goa, where I took a 45 minute tour to learn about the famous Indian spices like Pepper, Vanilla, Black & Green Cardamon. The whole experience was great, starting with the general introduction followed by a welcome drink – lemongrass tea (stimulating). The farm itself was large, visitors are allowed only to certain parts of it. At the end a goodbye ceremony. I was basically hosed down (to my relief not excessively) with fresh stream water. Super! I missed the elephant shower though, when real elephants use their trunks to shower you. I left it for the next time.

Goa State Museum

I am not too keen on museums, to be honest. But during the monsoon and constant rain museums gain on attraction. So I headed to Goa State Museum and i will never regret it for basically three reasons:

  1. Old lottery draw machines
  2. printing machines from 1953 (I am sitting at it in a photo)
  3. a man with bongo bong

Old Goa

The next place, which seems to be very interesting especially for India, is Old Goa. It was the capital of Portuguese India from the 16th to 18th century. You can find many churches from that time there. I will write only about one, the most interesting for me. The Church and Convent of St. Monica was built in 1627 but only 9 years later it was burnt. Believe or not but this is beautiful. The brown colored debris mixed with fresh (monsoon) grass gave me a truly amazing panorama.

Last crab

I ate this nice crab with delicious snow-white meat and came back home

I ate it. Of-course after they cooked it. Imagine meat white like snow.