So what is new in the design?
  • The logo. I finally realized that I needed a logo. This is based on an easy concept, which I love because of its round symmetry, simplicity and general look and feel. I hope you have the same opinion and that it has a chance to stick in your head.
  • The name. I replaced with It would be better for many reasons The old site has been redirected to the new one using 301 redirects, so that my Page Rank of 5 should soon be back (hopefully)
  • The language. I switched from Polish to English for the internet is too global a thing. . I felt that I needed to write in English because I want to be better reachable and understood.
  • An aesthetic and minimalistic design focused on maximizing user’s experience. It took me at the end 8 weeks to get my mind around and come up with the new look. Yet, there are still many ideas which need to be introduced.
  • A website in compliant with all browsers, including Internet Explorer 6. This fact makes me proud, because I’m seeing that a lot of web designers are announcing that they’re dropping IE6 from their list of supported browsers. I am not. I believe that I shouldn’t take the possibility of viewing my website away from certain people, for example those who are unable to change browser because of company policies.
  • A horizontal design rather than vertical. The horizontal design represents the human way of reading and thus i believe this is the way websites should be designed, because this is how our eyes behave and as a result makes the site easier and friendlier.
  • Comments and well developed footer is interesting for most people who see any website for the first time.As far I am getting positive feedback about ideas on layouts.
  • Easter eggs (quick challenge). I planned to leave a little space for Easter egg, which is supposed to provide much fun for visitors, who will want to spend a bit more time here This will be available soon.

Trainee Trip to Manali in the Himalayas

Manali is a Himalayan city which we reached after 13 hours bus trip from New Delhi. There were 4 of us, all SourceFuse Trainess: Hugo, Mateusz, Roland and I. Manali proved to have a cool climate, unlike the far too hot New Delhi. During our four day stay we went to Rohtang Pass (by Jeep) where we enjoyed the snow in the middle of the summer . We did some trekking with breathtaking views and enjoyed amazing food in places like: “Lazy Dog” (their Rainbow Trout really rocks), “Toasted and Roasted” (their chocolate cookies seem to be the best) and Casa Bella Vista (superb pizza comparable to Italian one!).

This is Hardcore India. Hot beer, no Internet. This is Madness.

My brother got really friendly with some snakes, having them not only on his shoulders, but even his head (both a Cobra and a Python). Look at picture.


The main attraction of the trip were the magic plants growing everywhere. I have never thought that I would have the pleasure of being so close to these their natural habitat. What can I say, just have a look at pics. Places like these really do exist