This is quick preview on my 404 error page, where iGor plays main role.

All right, but what is this all about?

My younger brother name is Igor. Everything started long long time ago, when my dad decided to buy 20 years ago MAC, rather than PC. This is how his Apple’s products passion started. And then, later on he flip his passion on our whole Gwozdz family :-)

I am 23 years old, my younger brother only 2. Hehe.

What I found out not so long ago, that his name sounds quite similar to apple products (because of this “i” before “gor”). I even suspected that my parents, that gave him this name on purpose.

They claim, that it is coincidently, but I think my mum came up with this Idea subconsciously :-)

It is still quite cool to have brother with ingenious element of a letter “i”.

How poor is my name Cyprian, comparing to iGor now :(