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I am a web designer, because it is my passion. There is nothing more satisfying on the internet than a beautiful web site. Beauty comes from the appropriate combination of technology and design. It is only beautiful, if it works properly. So, how is your web site?

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  • "When Cyprian arrived for his assignment at SourceFuse, I was expecting a typical intern, but he has consistently both suprised and impressed me with his ability to learn and grow. He is an exceptional designer with a keen eye for Aesthetics coupled with an uncanny knack of getting the usability just right! He has always been up to the challenge of creating stunning interfaces for both Websites and our web based products all with exemplary quality and always on time. I look forward to working with him in the future and know that he will achieve whatever he desires! Well done!" August 10, 2009
    Gautam Ghai, CEO of SourceFuse Technologies, CIO of MyNutrition

    mynutrition design
  • "We have worked with Cyprian since June 2009 on the positioning of our online store Armonia.pl. According to data from Google Analytics, the number of hits increased by 164% and we reached 12,000 visits per month. We are pleased with these results and recommend the services of Cyprian as an expert on positioning and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)." December 14, 2009
    Ela Sempoch, CEO of Armonia

    armonia seo
  • "Extremely passionate about design, will always speak up and let his ideas be known, but is also very open to constructive criticism. He is team oriented and also has leadership skills, managing a project in which I coordinated with him. In terms of his design, his main strength lies in functionality, and he aims to make visitors on his sites have a very smooth but enjoyable experience. He often looks to think outside the box, and has come up or developed some ideas into successful implementations, with more coming soon I'm sure." August 10, 2009
    Roland Bunge, E-Marketing Manager, SourceFuse Technologies

    pbh web design
  • "I met Cyprian and cooperated with him within Responsible Business Academy 2007 - the conference on CSR, coorganised by Responsible Business Forum and AIESEC. That 3-day event gathered almost 100 participants from Poland and abroad and the enthusiasm and hard work of Cyprian and his team was one of its key success factors. During our cooperation Cyprian approved to be a reliable, solid person and showed unusual creativeness and flexibility. I am strongly convinced that Cyprian does great job for every project he is involved in." September 1, 2009
    Justyna Januszewska, Project Manager, Responsible Business Forum

    academy of responsible business 2007
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This time I am not even going to write much. As to me, it is enought to look and feel this BLUE colour we ( my Ewa and me) saw during our holidays.
    August 26th, 2009 Under Design, Voyage | 4 Comments »
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  • The main strength of Sardinia lays in its beaches. The amazing Beaches.
  • We were touched by the beautiful Mediterranean Cities, which were small but enchanting
  • Roads are crazy (mainly winding through the mountains) but there is also one nice highway SS 131
  • Pizza is still amazing. Try buongustaia (sour cream, bacon, fresh rocket salad and tomatos)
  • Our lesson of blue.
  • Whole Gallery
Following Gautam’s advice, I decided to travel to Goa during my last 6 days in India. It was during monsoon season which is so different from optimum season (both in terms of its look and your feeling about it) i was impressed as it was a completely another place than New Delhi district - my temporary home in India.
    July 30th, 2009 Under Voyage | 1 Comment »
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  • Goa during monsoon season
  • 240 meters long ship grounded on the beach for 8 years
  • Tropical Spice Farm
  • Printing machines from 1953 in Goa State Museum
  • Burnt to the ground church which is beautiful
  • Did you know that they have motorbike - taxi in Goa?
  • Green, black and white peppers grow on one plant.
Today I will explain why I decided to rearrange my website and what became my inspiration. Plus i want to share with you my impressions from the trip to Manali in Himalayas
I had the pleasure of being in Hawaii with my Ewa for a few days in 2008. Here are some pics. Our tour guide ( Tom ) on one of our trips mentioned a very interesting story about Barack Obama. As we learned, Tom's sister was studying in one of the best high schools in Honolulu together with Barack Obama, who was born in Hawaii. Tom keept assuring us, that Obama was an average teenager who was keen on basketball and liked smoking weed. I thought, hmm cool, let’s check the internet.
    July 11th, 2009 Under Mind, Voyage | No Comments »
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  • Bill Clinton did smoke up, but he didn’t inhale
  • but Obama used to inhale
  • Why is Hawaii a paradise
  • blind and non venomous snake
  • the wild pig...
  • Jurassic Park
  • Sharks are a myth too
  • Flowers
  • Paradise?
  • 3d art world
  • 3d art logo
  • 3d art sword
  • 3d abstraction
  • flat world map in diamond