Web design

I remember that when I was small (11) I got my first MAC. I was calling to my dad, why I can’t upload the data onto the CDrom? The answer was that I needed to have a burner [I know, I know]

It was a long time ago.

Now I am creating fully fledged websites, using a large variety of the most suitable technologies. Everything is cute, as simple as possible and compliant with W3C. See my portfolio for references and an introduction of my work. By the way if you like my design, why don’t we work together ?

Travel – Voyage

One of the greatest things a human can do is to travel and explore the world. I found it just perfect for myself, because I was always a freelancer. I think travel is a very friendly way to learn, explore and enjoy life and people. I love it. You can find on my blog stories and photos from my trips. Maybe you will get inspired as well. You have to check out my photo page.


For a few years now, I have been interested in the mind and motivation. And of course when I started my passion for motivation, my whole life changed, because I got a bit more motivated too. I think I found answers to what drives humans. Very attractive.

What I do besides of that?

I study International Business in the University of Economics in Poland. I am not working strictly in my educational field, but during my studies I had the possibility to find out what are needs of business and what drives our capitalistic world. Now I use this knowledge everyday. I am also very proud of my memberships in organizations, which made my life much more interesting during my studies – AIESEC, LOB, CIM Horoznoty.

cyprian gwozdz

Sardinia, Italy 2009

cyprian gwozdz

Jaipur, India 2009