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5 selected examples of my web design projects:


Client: MyNutrition

Media: Portal, conneting funcionalities of shop, forum and blog.

Technologies: Joomla, XHTML, CSS, MooTools, PHP

Details: Mission of mynutrition.in is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals through accurate knowledge, holistic nutrition and personalized services

Gautam GhaiGautam Ghai, CIO of MyNutrition:
"...Cyprian is an exceptional designer with a keen eye for Aesthetics coupled with an uncanny knack of getting the usability just right!..."

design mynutrition

Profit by hits

Client: SourceFuse

Media: Web site

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, Jquery, advanced SEO structure

Details: Profitbyhits is all about harnessing the power of the internet to give your business better visibility and recognition.

Roland Bunge, E-Marketing Manager of SourceFuse about me:
"...In terms of his design, his main strength lies in functionality, and he aims to make visitors on his sites have a very smooth but enjoyable experience..."

design profit by hits

Proposal Generator

Client: SourceFuse

Media: Web application.

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, CakePHP

Details: Application generate automatically offers.

Roland Bunge, E-Marketing Manager of SourceFuse about me:
"...He often looks to think outside the box, and has come up or developed some ideas into successful implementations..."

web application proposal generator

Js GartenDeko

Client: JS GartenDeko

Media: Blog

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, Jquery, Wordpress

Details: JS GartenDeko exists since 1997 in Germany and specialises in garden and decorative products.

Here you can find also newsletter created for the company.

design garten deko


Client: Girra

Media: Web site with information center.

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, jQuery, Wordpress

Details: Girra exists since 1999 in Poland and specialises in fireplaces & SPA.

girra web site design
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